About Us

We are a group of household appliance enthusiasts that explores what kind of technology can be applied to floor cleaning. We gather knowledge and experience in carpet cleaning, steam cleaning, and all sorts of similar technologies that help in making homes cleaner and more beautiful.

At Carpet Cleaner Lab, we try to gather all the necessary knowledge that can help anyone that wishes to start cleaning their floors like a pro. The market is vast, and there are a lot of types and subtypes to consider, so the best bet would be to arm yourself with the quality info that we are carefully working on.

But it is not only about the tech. There are safety tips and other useful things to know about your carpets, floors, and furniture. We want to encourage people to find out which solution is best for their situations, and how to, in the most efficient way, restore their house to its former glory.

Feel free to browse our library and all its sections, because we believe that you will be surprised by how far we’ve come in housekeeping and floor maintenance. The whole point of the info we are investing in is for people to educate themselves and become more comfortable inside their own homes. Professional carpet and floor care are expensive and often takes a lot more time than you’d expect. If you get to know how to do it yourself, then you become a true homeowner.

Of course, as with any other appliance, carpet and steam cleaners are not perfect, and we also invested the time and resources to explore the downsides and potential damages that can occur while cleaning. Safety should always come first!

We at Carpet Cleaner Lab sincerely hope to help all the beginners out there to take the first step towards carpet cleaning and get them to enjoy it as we did. Not every chore has to be a nuisance, especially when cutting edge appliances are used.

Besides helping the beginners, we would like to encourage the more experienced users to think about what could be upgraded, and what could be done better in the future.

If you have any questions, or simply want to contact us, feel free to write, and we will respond as soon as possible.