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How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned?

In case you have kids and even pets, the answer to this question would probably be every day! Still, there are different types of carpet cleaning. Some of them can be performed as often as you like, while others only once in a while.

Surely you want your carpets to be clean, but you also want them to last and look like new for as long as possible, right?

How Often Should Carpets Be Vacuumed?

How Often Should Carpets Be CleanedOne way to maintain your carpets clean and fresh is to vacuum them. A lightweight vacuum cleaner can offer a lot of help to any busy mother who has to clean after her kids and the little messes they can make.

Still, not everyone has kids. There are many people who live alone, work a lot, and are rarely home. So, who is there to make any kind of mess? Even so, it is recommended vacuuming the carpets at least once a week. But why, if there is nobody home and the place looks clean?

We will answer this question with one, very simple word, which is dust. Whether we like it or not, even if our home is clean, and we are not there as much as we would like to, the dust never rests. It never takes any breaks, nor does it go on vacation. As we all know, dust is easy to spot on smooth surfaces, especially the dark-colored ones.

However, can we see it on our carpets? Do not be fooled into thinking that just because you cannot see it, it is not there. Unfortunately, we can find dust everywhere, and it sets on everything. Therefore, just as you clean your furniture in order to remove dust, you should do the same with your floors and carpets.

The frequency of this process depends on the type of carpet as well as how much traffic it gets. Therefore, twice a week should suffice, under normal circumstances. Furthermore, in order to get all that dust out of your carpet, it is important to run several passes in various directions over an area.

The story changes a bit when you have pets. Besides dust, your carpet is also full of pet hair, in which case it is advisable to vacuum daily.

Getting Serious With Cleaning Your Carpets

While vacuuming helps remove dust, crumbs, and other little messes, it is not the solution for bacteria and other debris you cannot even see. As we have previously mentioned, just because you cannot see it, it does not mean it is not there.

Deep cleaning your carpets is extremely important in order to get rid of debris and particles that the vacuum cleaner cannot catch. Did we mention how harmful these bacteria formations can be, especially for allergic people? Well, it can create a lot of health issues.

Deep cleaning is usually performed using hot water extraction or steam cleaning. To get your carpets spotless, you can either hire a carpet cleaning professional, or you can look for the best home carpet cleaner you can find and take care of things yourself.

Specialists recommend performing this activity once a year or a year and a half. Or course, this also depends on the type of carpet and the conditions and traffic it is subjected to.

Remember, a healthy home does not only need to look clean, it needs to be cleaned thoroughly, especially when it comes to the carpets.

How to Deep Clean Your Carpets

How to Deep Clean Your CarpetsSo now that you know how often you should clean your carpets depending on the conditions, we should focus a bit on the procedure itself. You may not be a carpet cleaner professional, so you may need a little more information to make sure you are doing things right. Do not worry, we’ve got you covered!

When performing deep cleaning on your carpet, you should always start by vacuuming it. If your machine is equipped with a rotating brush, it is even better, as it can do a better job at lifting embedded dust and other particles.

Make sure you vacuum in the corners and over crevices as well, especially if you also want to do the stairs. For the best results, it is recommended vacuuming in two directions, which are perpendicular to each other. You should also move any furniture out of your way so that you can better clean the entire surface of the carpet.

Test First!

Before going in with the cleaner, you should test it on a small carpet area, just to make sure that the shampoo or the solution you are using does not stain it. You can do this on a part that is hidden from view or less noticeable, just in case.

If you notice that your cleaning solution leaves stains, you will definitely need to find another shampoo or formula. However, if you want to avoid these types of issues, you should only use products that have the properties and ingredients recommended by the carpet’s manufacturer.

Moving on, if your carpet is already stained, you can use a spray cleaner and remove the stains using a cotton towel and a brush. Some spots may be harder to remove only with the carpet cleaner, so this procedure will help you obtain the desired results.

Once you perform the above-mentioned steps, you can start using your hot-water or steam carpet cleaner. These machines usually work by pushing out the water as the user moves forward, and then pull back as he or she moves backward.

Is Deep Cleaning That Important?

Is Deep Cleaning That ImportantIn short, yes, deep cleaning your carpets is very important. There are a few reasons why you should not skip this procedure. For once, it will improve the appearance of any space, whether it is a business establishment or your home.

Secondly, which is also a lot more significant, it can prevent various health-related issues. Carpets can hold dust, bacteria, and other small particles that you cannot even see with the naked eye. However, they can lead to various health problems, so it is best to eliminate them.

Deep cleaning also allows you to remove stubborn stains and get rid of unpleasant smells. Moreover, it will leave your home smelling and looking fresh.

Wrap Up

Last, but not least, if you take care of your carpet, which might have been an expensive one, you will be able to prolong its life, thus taking care of your investment in a smart way.

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