5 Best Commercial Carpet Cleaner – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2019)

If you are new to professional carpet cleaning, we got you covered. Nowadays, technology has advanced so far that big, heavy-duty machines are available to everyone. Here we will talk about the strongest in the carpet cleaning game, and help you decide what is the best commercial carpet cleaner for your business.

Whether you want to open up your own carpet cleaning business, or you are looking to buy this unit for your office, strong, commercial units are a must. Having a workspace usually means a lot of people, and a lot of foot traffic, so naturally you will want to keep it clean. We will help you go through the “Whys and Hows” when it comes to picking the best commercial carpet cleaner. We will compile model specifications, pros and cons, and what to look for in the following commercial carpet cleaner reviews.

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro x3 Carpet Cleaner
  • Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3
  • 4.4 Customer Rating
  • PRICE: $$$
  • Size (inches): 22.5 x 11 x 26
  • Weight (pounds): 50,3
  • Warranty (years): 5
Bissell Big Green BG10 Deep Clean Carpet Cleaner
  • Bissell Big Green BG10 Deep Clean
  • 4.7 Customer Rating
  • PRICE: $$$
  • Size (inches): 20.5 x 11 x 42.25
  • Weight (pounds): 42
  • Warranty (years): Variable
Hoover C3820 Commercial Spotter and Carpet Cleaner
  • Hoover C3820 Commercial Spotter and Carpet Cleaner
  • 3.1 Customer Rating
  • PRICE: $$
  • Size (inches): 19.5 x 14.2 x 29.9 
  • Weight (pounds): 24
  • Warranty (years): 1
EDIC Galaxy Commercial Carpet Cleaning Extractor
  • EDIC Galaxy Commercial Carpet Cleaning Extractor
  • 4.8 Customer Rating
  • PRICE: $$$$$
  • Size (inches): 31 x 18 x 35 
  • Weight (pounds): 78
  • Warranty (years): 5
Oreck ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine
  • Oreck ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine
  • 4.4 Customer Rating
  • PRICE: $$
  • Size (inches): 49.6 x 13.6 x 9.7
  • Weight (pounds): 34
  • Warranty (years): 5

Best Commercial Carpet Cleaner Reviews

1. Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro x3 Carpet CleanerNext up, we have a slightly more robust, but nonetheless stronger, heavy-duty commercial Mighty Pro X3 unit from Rug Doctor. As the name suggests, this manufacturer is among the top competitors in the carpet cleaning industry. Even though they advertise this carpet cleaner as a home-cleaning appliance, this unit thrives in the high traffic areas.

This heavy-duty piece of machinery weighs just over 50 pounds, which gives it a sturdy structure and a feel of overall firmness. Despite its robust structure, this model is tightly packed and mounted on a 2-wheel system. And if you have the need to go portable, there is a provided 12-foot long hose with the handy upholstery tool to help you reach different places.

The cleaning path width of the unit is 10.8 inch, which combined with its 3.9-gallon recovery tank and a 3-gallon solution tank makes cleaning comfortable for up to 150 square feet.

A three-step process is implemented for faster and more efficient cleaning: spray, scrub, extract. Additionally, the cleaning agents developed by the Rug Doctor felt perfectly paired with the unit.

If by any chance there is an animal in your environment, it is important to mention that this particular unit puts out extra power when it comes to removing stains and odors made by pets.


This unit proved to be extremely strong when tackling pet stains and deeply- embedded odors. Despite its size, this model can be tightly packed when not in use, thus saving space. The three-step proved extra useful with older stains.

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Pros


It takes a bit more time to clean than the carpet cleaners in its class. Also, the brushes can sometimes be a nuisance to clean. Getting the water tanks out requires some extra steps, but that assures their stable position.

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2. Bissell Big Green BG10 Deep Clean

Bissell Big Green BG10 Deep Clean Carpet CleanerNow we have the older, stronger brother of the abovementioned Big Green model from Bissell. This unit is quite similar to its lesser version, but there are a few major differences. Right of the bat, it is important to emphasize that this model has 2 electric motors. One handles the stroking part and the other handles the circulation system. Even though this model is more powerful and has a lot to offer, its cleaning width is narrower by 10 inches.

Weighing a total of 43 pounds, this commercial-grade carpet cleaner will get the job done. To help you spend less time cleaning, this model has built-in indicators which monitor water and solution levels, so you can refill the unit at the exact right time. The unit is surprisingly easy to store and has foldable parts to help you save storage space.

It is important to remember that this part does not come with additional accessories (handheld cleaner and extension hose). That means that you need to order them if you want to get those hard-to-reach spots cleaned. We can say with certainty that this model is primarily made for carpets and rugs.

If you prefer, you can buy additional parts from Bissell, but the basic set has all the necessary components to keep your carpets clean.


This unit is stronger than its predecessor. Also, it has foldable parts that enable better storing and easier handling in general. Since it’s powered by 2 electric motors means that it’s the strongest in its class.


The manufacturer did not provide any additional accessories (which can be bought separately), making this carpet cleaner limited to cleaning ground surfaces only, within the basic package. There is only a one-year warranty that covers just the electric 2-motor system.

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3. Hoover C3820 Commercial Spotter and Carpet Cleaner

Hoover C3820 Commercial Spotter and Carpet CleanerHere comes a name with a long tradition in the floor cleaning department – Hoover. Presenting its Commercial series, we were surprised by this model’s performance.

With an electric motor of only 7.9 amps and only 18 pounds in weight, we thought that this model will not withstand the challenges we presented. But Hoover never seizes with surprises. This model has a cleaning path of 11 inches and some quality features.

On board, we have Hoover`s SpinScrub 360 system and 3 brush roll speed modes: one for heavy cleaning, the other for quick spill pick-up, and the third one for sensitive surfaces. To make things even more practical, the automatic shut-off mechanism is there to ensure that the unit will shut down if water tanks are full or not attached properly.

This model is the most portable one when it comes to commercial carpet cleaners, and has an integrated carrying handle, which combined with the light weight of the unit allows you to carry it around and maneuver with ease. Plus, it has a somewhat longer extension power cord (35-foot-long) than the average commercial carpet cleaner.

What may come down as a slight disadvantage at the cost of portability are the water tanks, which are smaller than the average ones. But all-in-all the portability of the unit makes up for it.


As we said, this unit is extremely portable, making it the best in the class of commercial carpet cleaners in this price range. The three cleaning modes cover a lot of surfaces that need cleaning, and spill pick-up mode is really useful for accidents. Also, the automatic shut-off system helps you maintain water tanks always filled on time.


However, this unit is the least powerful in this group, but that’s the price of being extremely compact. Small water tanks need to be emptied several times during longer cleaning sessions.

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4. EDIC Galaxy Commercial Carpet Cleaning Extractor

EDIC Galaxy Commercial Carpet Cleaning ExtractorLast on this list, but certainly not least, is the EDIC Galaxy, a unit that surpasses all abovementioned carpet cleaners. Now, it has its own advantages and disadvantages, and we have tested it in various instances.

This unit weighs just under 80 pounds, so the compact design is not a major feature. But, as you might have learned so far, lack of portability usually means extra power. The whole unit had to be mounted on 4 wheels so you can move it around. This is the unit in action.

When it comes to liquid containment, this model is packed with a 12-gallon solution tank and an 11-gallon recovery tank. Compared to some other models this one held the longest in a single cleaning session, without having to change water all the time.

Galaxy has a 2-stage electric motor, and EDIC offers additional power equipment to be bought with the essential unit. One of these proved very useful and that it the external water heater to help clean at a deeper and faster rate. A very long extension hose comes with the unit, but the wand also needs to be bought separately.

Nevertheless, this model comes at a slightly higher price than average, but it also has a 5-year warranty that covers every single part of the carpet cleaner.


This is a heavy-duty machine, the most powerful in its class and in this group. Also, it has a really long (25-foot) extension hose which is more than convenient for easy maneuvering. This unit also has massive water and solution tanks that enable even the longest of cleaning tasks possible without going to the sink all the time.


However, the unit is quite heavy, around 80 pounds. But what it lacks in portability, it makes up with raw power. It’s good to know that an additional water heating extension is not provided with the basic package, and you can buy it separately. Sure, it is in the higher price range, but with an excellent service-to-price ratio.

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5. Oreck ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine

Oreck ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter Floor MachineOreck commercial floor cleaner is not like the rest of the cleaners on this list. It’s actually a commercial-grade floor buffer for hardwood floors, but it also has a dry-cleaning function for your carpets. It can easily loosen up the dirt that’s been deeply embedded into your carpeting, after which you can simply vacuum it and prepare the rugs for cleaning.

This floor machine works best on crusty stains like dirt, set-in food and the rest of the hard-core stains that can be loosened with 13-inch cleaning path brushes. This unit also lets you administer carpet cleaner shampoo and other cleaning solutions. The brushes rotate at the high speed so that carpet fibers are cleaned and stripped of any dirt from all sides.


This commercial floor machine comes with a 50-foot cord, which is great for cleaning a larger area without unplugging it and changing the outlet. Also, this is a lightweight unit, weighing only 24 pounds.


Even though it’s a really budget-friendly unit, you still need to buy various accessories additionally, like cleaning brushes and shampoos.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaner Buying Guide

Commercial Carpet Cleaner Buying GuideNow that we have gone through some of the most popular commercial carpet cleaner models, it is time to go into the heart of the mater. Buying a carpet cleaner for your home, or for commercial cleaning is easy enough, but choosing the right one for your cause is no easy task. First and foremost, we insist on only one fact: you cannot buy a commercial carpet cleaner that has it all. That is why we need to talk about every important aspect and narrow that choice down.

The triangle of balance hangs between three features that you will have to calculate based on your own preferences. Those are portability, power, and price. In contrast to residential carpet cleaners, commercial ones usually cover a wide spectrum of additional features and accessories. We didn’t find these units to be lacking in various departments, but if the unit doesn’t come with all the equipment, you can buy it from the manufacturer separately.

We will go through a lot of simple, yet important questions in this buying guide. Let`s begin:


How much do you intend to move around while cleaning? Do you plan on cleaning hard-to-reach places? How much storage space can you afford for your carpet cleaner when it’s not in use?

These are some of the essential questions you should ask yourself before you continue the search for the most effective one. There is a wide variety of choice, and this aspect is as important as cleaning power. Imagine buying a heavy-duty 80+ pound EDIC Galaxy and having to clean a carpet in the broom closet of an office. Impossible.

A general rule of thumb to follow is: more portability leads to either less cleaning power or more walks to the sink.  For example, let`s take the two extremes like the Hoover C3820 and EDIC Galaxy. The two represent the exact opposites when it comes to portability and maneuvering. With the smaller carpet cleaner, you will be able to do shorter cleaning sessions with ease, but as soon as a larger task comes, smaller detergent tanks may become a nuisance.

And, of course, if you plan to clean upholsteries and different types/shapes of furniture, keep in mind that you will need the longest hose you can get, and the handheld carpet cleaning extension needs to be solid.


Last, but not least in this category is the question of storage and saving storage space. If you need to be economical with the broom closet, always consider more portable models. Especially if you do not use the carpet cleaner every day, storing a big and robust machine can be a problem. And if you do use it every day, and cannot afford extra storage space, bigger units will also get on your nerves by dragging them in and out again and again. That is why you should give higher priority to units that have foldable ergonomic parts.

To decide which the best commercial carpet cleaner is for you, the question of whether you need `compact or full-sized` needs to be answered first. To go big, or to go fast, that is the question.

What kind of tasks can commercial carpet cleaners cover?

As you might have guessed, commercial carpet cleaners are a category of the best ones a manufacturer can offer. By best, in this case, we are talking about wide varieties of jobs these units can perform. As soon as you avoid common misconceptions about commercial carpet cleaning, there is nothing you can’t clean with them. Stained carpets, rugs, upholsteries and oddly-shaped furniture, decorative bedding, and tile flooring are just some of the few surfaces.

It is important to keep in mind that when it comes to fabric, we do not only want to eliminate the visual stains. Yes, we are talking about smells. Food stains and the ones made by pets often do not look as bad as they smell. Commercial carpet cleaners are generally packed with stronger sucking nozzles that help with the odors. Additionally, always consider using a cleaning agent for odors, if the manufacturer provides one.

Stains caused by everyday foot traffic cannot be eliminated in their origin, but that is why commercial carpet cleaners provide a stronger kick to get everything out of the way.

If you plan on working on surfaces that vary from sensitive to hard ones, always consider buying a cleaner that has control over the impact of the water. And please keep in mind that cleaning agents can be pretty potent sometimes, so dosage matters.

Cleaning larger areas are where commercial carpet cleaner excel at, with some exceptions. Light-weight units cannot withstand longer session without several trips to the sink to empty/refill. Nonetheless, those smaller models usually make it up with the simplicity of doing those actions.

Cleaning after animals

Cleaning After AnimalsThis factor is kind of self-explanatory. If there are animals on the premises, this is an important factor to consider when deciding which unit to buy. In this field, we would say that Bissell has the most to offer, with the pet smell and pet stain solutions. Regarding the topic of pets, any commercial carpet cleaner with deep clean is a great choice.

Animals, in general, do not leave harsh stains behind them. Or if they do, any commercial carpet cleaner will be able to help you out. The problem is the nasty smells and odors. That is why you should consider a unit that offers the best solution for eliminating pet stains and smells. This is where importance and priority should be given to the units with stronger suction power.

Shampooing and getting the pet stain wet is not always the most important thing when it comes to removing them. But a strong suction helps a long way.

When taking the pet factor into the equation, remember that cleaning agents are a must. Finding the right cleaning agent for your problem is a topic on its own. But getting your carpet cleaner to mix it in the right way and apply the right amount is an important role as well. Commercial carpet cleaner with automatic dosage and mixing are to be considered here.


Now, this topic is the most common one. Regardless, it should be approached with care and analyzed as equally as the other. The main question here is `Why should you buy your own machine when you could rent one? `. We are aware that getting a commercial carpet cleaner is an investment, but considering the price of rentals, the money will return quickly enough. If you are new to the concept of carpet cleaning with these powerful machines, this info is especially intended for you.

Cleaning a carpet with a commercial carpet cleaner is not an automated action, yet. So, you must shampoo, preheat, soak, deep vacuum the carpet before the final cleaning process. Of course, these actions are not always done, sometimes even only one is required. But most of the time, even with only shampooing, you will have to repeat the process several times. This applies especially to ultra-heavy stains and high traffic areas.

Even pet stains often require proper repeated treating with a cleaning agent of some sort. The worst thing that could happen to your carpet is having it half cleaned because you had to return it to the rental place. Half-clean, and still wet carpets and rugs usually finish as being dirty beyond repair, and they get thrown away.

So, renting a carpet washer is not cheap at all. And if you do rent it, not everything will go down as smoothly as you think. Re-running some areas, or the whole carpet/rug will almost always be necessary.

Now imagine having a facility/office that you need to maintain on a daily basis. The rental cleaning bills would sky-rocket in a month or so. That is why owning such a powerful machine is always preferable if you have the budget for it.

Starting your own cleaning/renting business

Do you want to start your own cleaning business? These carpet cleaning units can be a great kick-off. If you indeed have decided to open a carpet cleaning business, you will need appropriate tools for the job. Deciding among commercial carpet machines for a business venture must begin with a question, again.

To help you with the decision, ask yourself: what kind of cleaning will we be doing? For hallway and office cleaning, a more massive and sturdy model would be a good choice. They usually provide more power at the cost of portability. Being that hallways and office spaces usually have no obstacles, and carpets are simple and rectangular, lack of portability is not a big factor here.

On the other hand, if you decide to open a cleaning agency and make home-visits, portability is your best friend. Alongside a good choice of cleaning agents and adequate accessories, of course. Picking a unit that provides the best handheld cleaner and the longest extension hose would be a good start in making the decision in this case.

Opening a carpet cleaner rental service

And, of course, there is the option of you opening a rental service and renting out your commercial carpet cleaner to people for their cleaning needs. In this case, the best logic would be to get a medium-sized carpet cleaner, but with all the necessary accessories that go with it. And establish a good supply line for the cleaning agents, preferably from the manufacturer itself.

Don`t forget that some of these devices require experience to use and picking a unit with a more simple and user-friendly command is preferable. Your clients will always want to do as much as possible in the least time possible. By picking a unit with simple commands, and not too many additional buttons, they will be pleased with the service.

Warranty and Customer Support

Commercial Carpet Cleaner ReviewsNo matter what you are investing in nowadays, warranty policies are an important part of any purchase you make. Commercial carpet cleaners are usually way more protected by manufacturing companies. Remember: pay special attention to the list of parts the manufacturer will give you the warranty for. Quite often the policies are partial and protect only for motor failures.

Having a warranty policy that will cover all the additional features and equipment you get with your cleaning unit is a preferable choice, always.

Where to find answers about using the carpet cleaners?

We have put a lot of effort to give you answers to the major questions. But it is possible that we have missed some. If you want to know something about a specific commercial-grade carpet cleaner, it’s best to see the manufacturer’s website.

These manufacturing companies tend to compete a lot on the modern battlefield of social media. This is more than welcome on the user side. Every commercial carpet cleaner manufacturer we encountered had a complete set of social media channels you can use. Learning a new cleaning technique, or asking about the machine itself is now possible, sometimes in real time.

For example, Hoover provides a vast number of educational videos for you to learn how to use their product in the best possible way. The manner in which the manufacturer manages its public appearance can tell you a lot about a company.


Top Rated Commercial Carpet Cleaners Comparison Chart

Bissell Big Green 86T320.5 x 11 x 42.2 52.55
Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X322.5 x 11 x 2650.35
Bissell Big Green BG10 Deep Clean20.5 x 11 x 42.2542Variable
Hoover C3820 Commercial Spotter and Carpet Cleaner19.5 x 14.2 x 29.9 241
EDIC Galaxy Commercial Carpet Cleaning Extractor31 x 18 x 35 785

Wrap Up

We have prepared a lot of helpful info to process in order to carefully pick and invest in one of the best commercial carpet cleaners. It is not a simple decision to make, but with this guide, you can skip a lot of unnecessary info and ask the really useful questions. Nowadays, the number of choices is often too overwhelming, and even kind of off-putting.

Whether you want to start a cleaning business, or you just want to get the best machine for your household and/or workspace, this commercial carpet cleaner reviews should come in handy. We hope that we have managed to answer all the important questions regarding this decision.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask in the comment section, and we will gladly provide an answer. Get yourself a commercial carpet cleaner that suits you the best and enjoy your cleaning sessions.